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New myvillages.org Website will be online in April 2008!
The content of this website is slightly outdated, we are working on the new site with updated information. You'll find some information on recent activities of myvillages.org here:
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Outcomes and papers from the RURAL ART SPACE Symposium are online now:


The Symposium took place in January 2007 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire(UK) and was part of a two months myvillages.org project called Why We Left the Village and Came Back. The symposium was a partnership venture between myvillages.org, Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery and the School of Art and Design, University of Wolverhampton (see also below).
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06-2007 | 03-2007

myvillages.org in residency at Grizedale Arts

Grizedale Arts (www.grizedale.org) runs an extremely interesting programme from its base in the Lake Disctrict, a rural and highly touristic area in the North West of England. Every year Grizedale invites six artists and artist groups for a residency to develop a proposal on an open brief basis.

Wapke and Kathrin spent a week in the Lake District in late March 2007, to see and hear more from the team running Grizedale Arts. They literally went to visit places where Grizedale takes or took place, to get a better understanding of the different networks and groups involved in the various strands of the programme.

We had many conversations with Adam, Alistair, Karen and Lisa, during lunch, site visits, evening drinks, dinners, gardening sessions, walks across the woods, drives along the curvy roads of the Lake District, tea brakes at the Grizedale Forest visitors centre, etc.

At the moment it's completely open where our proposal might go. What seems certain is that we would like to develop a proposal/collaboration with Grizedale, rather than thinking of a project for Grizedale.


To follow the development of our ideas and the discussion around it, visit the myvillages.org blog on the Grizedale website. Comments welcome! Click >>here.

To read the e-mail conversation between Antje, Kathrin and Wapke in preparation of their residency, click >>here.

17 Nov 06 – 20 Jan 07
A Shrewsbury Museum and Gallery and mediamaker project
Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

Why we left the village and came back

An exhibition and events programme that looks at the rural environment as a space for contemporary art practice. The two months programme explores the rural environment as a place for art production, a new socio-cultural place and a space for critical reflection. The project is devised by the artist collective myvillages.org on invitation by Shrewsbury Museum and Gallery, with the aim to explore curatorial strategies for the rural space. >>more
Höfer Goods (Höfer Waren)was launched as part of the Village Fete in Höfen on the first weekend of October 2006 as part of ourvillages.   |   Höfer Waren ist ein langfristig angelegtes Kunstprojekt, das im Rahmen der Höfer Kirchweih im Oktober 2006 erstmals an die Öffentlichkeit ging.
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myvillages.org is an international, non-profit cultural organisation which aims to address the discrepancy and synchronism between urban and rural cultural development. "The village" as an origin, location and concept is at the core of the objectives and programme of myvillages.org.

myvillages.org is initiated by the artists Kathrin Böhm (D/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (D) and registered as a International Stichting in the Netherlands. Current members of the board are Claudia Büttner (Curator, kunstprojekte_riem, Munich), Nathalie Castilla Serrano Houtermans (Curator, Mixtura, Rotterdam) and Gavin Wade (Artist-Curator, London).

The aim of myvillages.org is to initiate discussion and practice-based projects, which address the notion of village within contemporary cultural discourse and development. As an umbrella organisation myvillages.org will initiate and host various projects, which look at particular issues or areas. Each project will have its own programming/managing and advisory board. More about my villages.org >>here.