Esch F6
Nordhorn, Grafschaft Bentheim DE
May 2016

An anthropogenic black soil made along with the municipal works depot of the City of Nordhorn, Fachbereich 6

Green Waste Composting Gildehaus
Nordhorn Animal Park
Jens Wilke, Haiko Pieplow, Thomas Sprenger, Antje Schiffers

The care for soil fertility is an often neglected issue in sustainability talks, though, of course, it can never be neglected by farmers and gardeners.
We were inspired by contemporary research on Terra Preta, an anthropogenic black earth from the Amazon region. Along with the Fachbereich 6 (Department 6) of the municipal works depot of the City of Nordhorn we developed ‘Esch F6’, a black earth consisting of buffalo manure from the Nordhorn Animal Park, wood charcoal, charred from wood remnants from the works depot, and compost from the green waste composting at Gildehaus, fermented anaerobically.
In northwestern Germany, the good soils, developed during centuries through human lifestock breeding activity, are called Esch. The new product for our shop gets it´s name by combining Esch with the abbreviation for Fachbereich 6, Esch F6.

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