DORP Research Project
July 2007

Wapke Feenstra has initiated a collaborative research initative between, public works, Pietsie Feenstra and others, to look into the origin of existing rural cultural spaces, and the opportunities for new spatial typologies.

Wapke Feenstra
Kathrin Böhm
Pietsie Feenstra
Andreas Lang
Eric Venbrux
Paul Roncken

The project is about relations between land ownership and culture in rural areas and the ways it has affected and can affect cultural spaces.
The central question is: rural culture… and how does it take shape? How to create spaces for present-day cultural exchange in rural areas? For what does that culture amount to? Back to the basis: who owns the ground beneath the rural feet? What has already been done? Questions that can connect ownership and culture. Land is the ground, the territory, where the inhabitants settle. That’s where culture and the possibility of sharing arise. The village as a cultural place is partially created by the to-and-fro of people and at the base are the ownership and cultivation of the land.

See also the OURVILLAGES BLOG of Wapke.
This project could start in 2007 with a small grant of the Dutch Architecture Foundation. We worked out the first ideas in 2007 and hope to continue the research in 2008/2009.

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