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January 2008

The production and distribution of nine short films as part of the Village Shop Pilot for Grizedale’s Agrifashionista project later in 2008.

Wapke Feenstra
Kathrin Böhm
Andreas Lang
Adam Sutherland
Michael Smythe
Annemarie Lean-Vercoe

Grizedale Arts
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Where are the places and who are the people who produce things for our shop?
During Dec07/Jan08 we made nine 4-6 minutes long trailer films at Lawson Park (UK), Wjelsryp (NL) and Höfen (Ger). Each film shows the background and production of such varying produce like miniature houses, horse milk powder and frogfootprint spoons. The films concentrate on the handling of tools and objects, and try to capture the story and knowledge that is particular to each of them.
We also filmed the products from other villages being used and tried by others in the other villages.
Both, the trailer and usage films will go online as part of the Agrifashionista project by Grizedale Arts, which creates an online tv interface to showcast around 20 film based commissions by different artists.
To watch and read more about our films visit our blog on the Agrifashionsita website blog here.

Annemarie Lean-Vercoe has been the cinematographer for all films, and has done a fantastic job capturing people, stories and places!

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