Ittinger Ware
Kartause Ittingen, Kanton Thurgau, CH
May 2012

Together with staff who work at the former monestary, is developing a new local product.

Staff at the Kartause Ittingen
Kunstmuseum Thurgau, CH

The Kartause Ittingen is a former Carthusian Monestary and the vast estate is now being managed by a civic foundation. It includes agriculture and gardening, all sorts of crafts from pottery to carpentry, hotel, seminar spaces and a restaurant, sheltered living for people with learning disabilities and it is also the site of the Kustmuseum Thurgau. As part of the "10.000 Hours" exhibition, the museum has commissioned to develop a new product in relation to the locality, which - together with a permanent version of a small International Village Shop - will enter the museum's collection.
In May 2012 we started to meet staff, and to collect first ideas and intentions for a new product, which will be launched as prototype in late September 2012.