Images of Farming - publication
A book made with Jap Sam Books, Heiningen, launched at Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, NL and ....
May 2011

The publication ‘Images of Farming’, edited by Wapke Feenstra and Antje Schiffers is published on the 20st of May 2011.

Antje Schifffers, Wapke Feenstra, Eleonoor Jap Sam, Niels Schrader
Fries Museum
Jap Sam Books

There are few topics that evoke so many different notions and images as do farmers and agriculture. The publication Images of Farming explores the production of these images in the fields of culture and myth formation, publicity and the sciences, the cultural heritage, and the fine arts.
Contributiors are Iris Andraschek, Doris Berger, Susanne Cockrell, Marloes Eskens, Fernando Garcia Dory, Pietsie Feenstra, Wapke Feenstra, Amy Franceschini, Alexandra Gaba-van Dongen, Simone Helmle, Hansjörg Küster, Hubert Lobnig, Jack Luiten, Robert-Jan Muller, Claudia Neu, Roger Owen, Ted Purves, Paul Roncken, Maarten Rooijakkers, Antje Schiffers and Adam Sutherland.

The book is available through Jap Sam Books. In 2010 Jap Sam Books and formed an editorial alliance to produce a new series of books. This is the first book in that series. Presentations, lectures and discussions at the myvillages-symposium [url=]‘Images of Farming’ were the starting point of the publication. Mind Design, Niels Schrader is the designer of the book.

The book will be launched on the 20st of May, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden, Netherlands from 13.30 till 17.00. Other book presentations are on the 4th and the 5th of August during the Festival of Britain, Southbank Centre, London and in the last week of October at Tent. Rotterdam, Netherlands.

This publication has been made possible by the Stiftung Niedersachen Hannover, the Städtische Galerie Nordhorn and the Mondriaan Foundation, Amsterdam.

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