Moving Landscape
Belgian Limburg; six land-based productionsides
December 2010

With the artists’ atelier FLACC, Wapke Feenstra developed the project Moving Landscape on changed and changing landscape in the Belgian province of Limburg.

FLACC GENK: Ronald van den Sompel, Sarah Indenherberghe, Luuk Nouwen, Kevin Reynaert, Ludo Thys
MINDED DESIGN: Koen Caerelse

The Genk coal mines were shut down some time ago and the slack is now overgrown with grass and trees. Further on in the Limburg Landscape people grow apples and potatoes, keep sheep, and extract raw materials like gravel and sand. Feenstra decided to map out the processing and transport of this primary industry.

In September 2009 the project was presented at a preparation day in FLACC. The participants – owners and workers from the businesses in question – were introduced to one another and samples of the products from the different locations were displayed. A meal made from local products was served, consisting of stew from the lamb of the local shepherd, chips from the harvest of the potato farmer and apple sauce from apples grown in the local orchard.

In 2010 Feenstra followed certain processes at first hand, such as potato planting, sand dredging, gravel extraction and pollination. She travelled with the sand, gravel and agricultural transports from six locations including a gravel extraction company on the Meuse, the Kempen heath reserve and a potato field in Riemst. She took photos to document the people and the way the land is worked. She also followed the local Limburg products to their final destinations where they are processed and sold. To round it off, she interviewed a geologist on the changes that the local landscape has undergone through the course of history.

Wapke will published her findings
The presentation of the project is made possible by Fonds BKVB, Amsterdam NL

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