Bibliobox Travels 2008
Wysing Arts Centre - Cambridge (Britain), Hasselt (Netherlands), Wolimierz (Poland), Castle Groeneveld - Baarn (Netherlands), Wendschott (Germany)
April 2008

The Bibliobox is a travelling archive; it contains information about art projects in the rural context and can be folded out to reveal a small presentation. For more info on the Bilbliobox:

Donna Lynas of Wysing Arts Centre
Ria Grootoonk
Renata Mantorski
Anne Kersten of Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Jan Hartholt of Castle Groeneveld

Wysing Arts Centre - Cambridge (Britain) contributed their Bibliobox to the exhibition Cross Country: an exploration into Rural Public Space. A gallery exhibition in Wysings Arts Centre from 20 March until 27 April. Kathrin Böhm and Wapke Feenstra made a set up with the wallpaper at the gallery and during the opening reception they offered the audience food from their home villages such as smoked Franconian sausages, clove cheese and horse milk. The Bibliobox also had a role in a visiting program for nearby schools.

Hasselt (Netherlands) Saturday 9 February 2008 SCAB organized a filmfestival based on the content of the Bibliobox in Mill De Zwaluw (The Swallow) in Hasselt.

Wolimierz (Poland) Renata Mantorska invited the Bibliobox to attend a workshop “Yes I am” on the 23th May 2008 in Wolimierz, a little village in the south of Poland. Goal of the workshop: to remove the fear to communicate in a foreign language (English) and to enable conversation about basic things.

Castle Groeneveld - Baarn (Netherlands) The Groeneveld Forum 2008 is a two-day symposium to explore whether it is possible, or even desirable, to forge a link between culture and agriculture. This question will be adressed during the symposium in workshops, presentations and discussions.

Wendschott (Germany) Kunstverein Wolfsburg presented the Bibliobox in Hehlingen and Wendschott. Hehlingen and Wendschott are representative for those villages that in the seventies were added to nearby cities. On one hand they belong to Wolfsburg, on the other they kept their identity, for example in the associations.

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