Bibliobox Travels 2007
Shrewsbury & Shropshire, Wales Borders, Clunton & Craven Arms - Shropshire, Bishop's Castle - Shropshire (Britain), Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Egmond, Lalleweer, Wjelsryp, Bergen, Baarn, Workum, Hurdegaryp (Netherlands)
January 2007

The Bibliobox is a travelling archive; it contains information about art projects in the rural context and can be folded out to reveal a small presentation. For more information:

Adrian Plant
Nathalie Jonker
Jan Hartholt
Helmut Dick
Margaretha Cats

Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery

Shrewsbury & Shropshire (Britain) 17 Nov 06 – 20 Jan 07, venued across Shrewsbury and Shropshire. The Bibliobox was part of the exhibition ‘Why we left the village and came back’, that looked at the rural environment as a space for contemporary art practice. The two months programme explored the rural environment as a place for art production, a new socio-cultural place and a space for critical reflection. For more information about the project please visit the following links:

Clunton & Craven Arms - Shropshire (Britain) Shrewsbury-based artist Jackie Leech offered to have a look at her specially made cabinets which were commissioned in 2000 to reflect the particular character and histories of towns and villages in Shropshire. These interactive cabinets were used in her community art project by young people during their school programmes.

Bishop's Castle - Shropshire (Britain) One of the tours the box made during ‘Why we left the village and came back’ was to Bishop’s Castle on Sunday 14 January 2007. Bishop’s Castle is a small town in the south-west of Shropshire. The host, Adrian Plant, organized an informal evening for the artists of, initiators of the Bibliobox, to meet a number of Bishop’s Castle people.

Amsterdam (Netherlands) During a lecture on public art at Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam, on Thursday 1 February Wapke Feenstra presented the Bibliobox.

Almaar (Netherlands) The Bibliobox was on display in KunstEyssen every weekend from 30 March till 29 April. KunstEyssen further enhanced the Bibliobox by sending artists Ingerid Opstelten and Ton Mulders on an exploratory mission on the fringes of the city.

Egmond (Netherlands) During the exhibition at KunstEyssen in Alkmaar the Bibliobox made three forays into the immediate surroundings, accompanied by a host from the KunstEyssen Foundation. During one of these trips it paid a visit to Egmond Library.

Lalleweer (Netherlands) Ko Sliggers invited friends and acquaintances to enjoy the home-processed meat products of two home-reared pigs. The porcine pair, Buti and Farra, were given organic food for seven months; fruit from the orchard and acorns from the local woods. Guests at the lunch who included Wapke Feenstra with the Bibliobox – could savour sausages, pates and many other treats.

Wjelsryp (Netherlands) On the evening of Thursday 5 June Wapke Feenstra gave a talk in the Yn’e Mande village hall describing the contents and the travels of the Bibliobox. Wapke Feenstra ( grew up in Wjelsryp.

Bergen (Netherlands) During the exhibition at KunstEyssen in Alkmaar the Bibliobox made three forays into the immediate surroundings accompanied by an escort from the KunstEyssen Foundation. In the course of these outings it visited the Kunstcentrum, an art centre in Bergen.

Groeneveld Castle - Baarn (Netherlands) The Scientific Council for Government Policy paid a working visit to Groeneveld Castle in Baarn on 31 May.

Workum (Netherlands) Workum 1100 will make a film about the little hamlets in Workum and present it to the Bibliobox. The film will concentrate on the Livestock Show in particular and will show footage of landscape, workshops and tourism besides featuring interviews with jury members and other important figures. We lent out the Bibliobox via the Keunstwerk Foundation in Leeuwarden so that it could be part of the Workum 1100 celebrations.

Hurdegaryp (Netherlands) The Bibliobox went to Hurdegaryp, Friesland, This year. During the Hurdegaryp Art Excursion a representative selection of works featuring all the participating artists was on display in De Schalmei from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, 29 and 30 September 2007.

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