Bibliobox Travels 2006
Oswestry (Britain), Baruth (Germany), Okkenbroek (Netherlands), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Amersfoort (Netherlands), Hardenberg (Netherlands), Lancaster University (Britain), Fargestaden (Sweden), Zwolle (Netherlands)
March 2006

The Bibliobox is a travelling archive; it contains information about art projects in the rural context and can be folded out to reveal a small presentation. For more information:

Kathrin Böhm
Wapke Feenstra
Antje Schiffers
KCO Kunst en Cultuur Overijssel
public works

This year the bibliobox has been traveling a lot.

Oswestry (Britain) The Bibliobox was invited to attend a workshop within the frame work of the exhibition Notion Nanny by Allison Smith.

The workshop focussed on the revolutionary potential of traditional skills, and touched upon issues such as: peddling as an alternative economy, the use of history and locality in contemporary art, making as story telling, itinerancy and translation, and social change through traditional means. It aimed at arts professionals engaging in socially engaged practices, rural traditions, contemporary art and craft. And also at people interested in the role of art in reviving or reconsidering local history.

Baruth/Mark (Germany) ACT LOCAL! started asking critical questions on the idea of ‘cleared space’, new options for using this space or environment should be born. Starting from theoretical frames, professionals from the fields of cultural studies, architecture, landscape-planning, sociology and art try to define tangible perspectives for the rural environment, next to the common economic processes.

In the book 'Act Local! Perspektiven landlicher Raume' (placed in the Bibliobox) the discussion that started in May 2006 was extended.

Okkenbroek (Netherlands) During an annual art cycling tour ('Kunst van Hier tot Ginder') on 17 and 18 June 2006 the Bibliobox was on display in the newly opened ‘Noaberhuus’ in Okkenbroek. Okkenbroek is a village with 500 inhabitants in the Municipality of Deventer (Province of Overijssel, Netherlands).
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Amersfoort (Netherlands) Bibliobox was invited to be part of the LOKO 06 Conference in Amersfoort on 22 June. The Bibliobox was set out in an indoor area intended for drinks, music and chats. In this informal setting Bibliobox information was available for anyone with an interest in rural participatory art.

Hardenberg (Netherlands) Hardenberg, which is situated in the eastern province of Overijssel, is undergoing a process of infrastructural change which will extend over the next few years. The plans include the construction of a whole new town centre and a re-orientation to the adjacent River Vecht. Works of art will be commissioned to enhance liveability in this area.

Lancaster University (Britain) The Bibliobox was invited to attend a conference at the Creative Rural Economy Conference in Lancaster. The aim of the conference was to map the new rural arts and creative rural industries. A workshop accompanied the presentation of the Bibliobox. The artists of first asked the people present to literally sketch their rural background on paper. The sketches were hung in the booth next to the Bibliobox. By speaking about their drawing everybody introduced themselves.

Fargestaden (Sweden) Kultivator asked to lend the Bibliobox to Sweden and the village Dyestad for the annual Harvest feast.
In this weekend, Kultivator also offered a program for the many visitors of the island. “the agri – cultural filmfestival” was on for three days, showing films like “Bullshit” over the anti globalist heroin Vendana Shiva from India, “Le eldorado de plastique” over migrant workers in tomato greenhouses in Andalucia, “Yellow tag” over EU id – tags for cattle, and more. The self produced “Dinner with the cows”, shot on previous year harvestfeast was also shown. In the re-built stables of Kultivator a brand new agri-culture shop had its official opening with organic vegetables from the farm and fair – trade products for sale, and the exhibition “ceramic animal” from Oslo based artist Marlene Lindmark.

Zwolle (Netherlands) A meeting was organized by the Department of Public Art Zwolle (KCO) with people who are interested in the Bibliobox. During a workshop people were introduced to the methods and project of the Bibliobox.

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