Village Kiosk at NAI
Rotterdam (NL)
April 2008

A Sunday afternoon with produce and ideas from the countryside.
As part of the HAPPENING programme at the NAi, & public works presents Village Kiosk.

Kathrin Böhm
Wapke Feenstra
Alexandra Gaba-Van Dongen
Emiliano Gadolfi
Andreas Lang
Robert Jan Muller
Antje Schiffers
public works

The Village Kiosk is both a space for trade and discussion. It already exists at times in various places across our networks. Sometimes for trade, sometimes for discussion, sometimes for display, and always for rural/rural or rural/urban exchange and equipped with curiosity in further links and stories.

The Village Kiosk afternoon at HAPPENING has 3 parts. The setting up of a Village Kiosk shelf in NAI will be followed by the collaborative production of Product Catalogue at 4pm. To extend the product range of the Village Kiosk, we will invite visitors to suggest more items for the shop, and sketch them with us. The day will conclude in a round table discussion at 17.00 with invited speaker and participants from the afternoon workshop. Drinks and village snacks will be served to round the afternoon off.

Speakers include: Alexandra Gaba-Van Dongen (Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum), Robert-Jan Muller, Wapke Feenstra (, Kathrin Böhm (public works/, Andreas Lang (public works) and and Emiliano Gadolfi (NAI).

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