Höfer Goods - 2008
Höfen, Upper Frankonia (DE)
October 2008

The third series of Höfer Goods will again go public during the village fete on the first weekend in October 08.

Kathrin Böhm
Höfer Women
Annemarie Lean-Vercoe
Sue Giovanni

Grizedale Arts
public works

Höfer Goods goes in its third year, and new produce will again be launched at the annual village fete on the first weekend in October.
Next to our classics, we'll be showing and seeling the first Village Produce Films, which include 3 short films about Höfer Goods.
The films have been shot in Höfen earlier this year, together with everyone involved in making the goods, and the cinematographer Annemarie Lean-Vercoe from London. The films have later be edited by Sue Giovanni.
The Village Produce Films are a co-production with public works and Grizedale Arts, and are part of the Agrifashionista.tv project by Grizedale Arts, and include also produce from Wjelsryp and Lawson Park.
All films will be launched in the UK as part of the New Seasons Programme at the Royal Academy in November 2008.

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