Höfer Goods - 2007
Höfen, Upper Frankonia (DE)
October 2007

Presentation of the new goods and exhibition in the community hall in Höfen.

Höfer Goods is an ongoing collaborative project between the women from Höfen, a product designer and Kathrin Böhm from myvillages.org. It was first launched in 2006.


Kathrin Böhm
Höfer Frauen
Angelika Seeschaaf
eeaa Design

Women from the village of Höfen, together with the London based Product Designer Angelika Seeschaaf have again developed and produced a new series of Höfer Goods, which will be presented as part of this year’s village fete; together with other local specialities.

Höfer Goods capture narratives, skills and materials from the village. At the same time they’re addressing the history of the village and issues of contemporary rural production.

In 2006 the Höfer Goods reflected the village’s nickname “The Frogs” and the history of local porcelain manufacturing. In 2007 the products have been developed around the idea of “textiles” and “containers” and result e.g. in a Weck-jar-lamp and gossip bags.

Höfer Goods has been initiated by Kathrin Böhm, who is a member of myvillages.org. She has started this project in her home village as part of the Our Villages series, to connect with and contextualise contemporary art practice in a rural context, and within a growing international network of rural cultural practices.
This year the artist Wapke Feenstra will be present with goods from her Frisian home village, and the UK based arts organisation Grizedale Arts has sent some of their local produce.

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