Kronlechner / Kuttner / Oppelmayer / Kreitmayer / Veurink / Waterink / Redder
Lower Austria, Styria (AT) and Hardenberg, Overijssel (NL)
September 2007

A long summer on Austrian and Dutch farms

Kronlechner, Oppenberg
Kuttner, Erlauf
Kuttner, Ornding
Oppelmayer, Göttlesbrunn
Kreitmayer, Großmugl
Veurink, Rheeze
Waterink, Anevelde
Redder, Balkbrug
Jeanette Pacher
Ingeborg Strobl
Anna Meyer
Kunstverein Langenhagen - Langenhagen Art Association
Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
Vienna Secession

In spring 2007 Antje Schiffers and Thomas Sprenger bartered with 5 farmers in Austria, the outcome was shown as part of the exhibition Grosses Bauern-Theater in the Vienna Secession.

On invitation by Wapke Feenstra they worked with three farmers' families in Hardenberg in the dutch province of Overijssel in August. Here the project was part of Wapke's De Beste Plek. The paintings and videos were shown at KNSTSPR in Hardenberg where the book De Beste Plek by Wapke was first presented to the public.

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