Field Trip Van Abbemuseum
October 2021

A four-day long field trip and drawing sessions meeting with the Van Abbemuseum
in Eindhoven and in the Brabant area in November 2021.

Wapke Feenstra
Inez Dekker
Kathrin Böhm
Charles Esche
Teresa Cos Rebollo
Yolande van der Heide
Vivian Heyms
Van Abbemuseum

Myvillages works with(in) the museum and it is our wish to question and shape in togetherness the role an art institute can have in the revisiting of urban and rural binaries. Binaries that are leading in European art and culture and have led to the objectivation of the (non)-human. To underline the cultural interdependence and multi-vocal cultures, we will mutual (un)learn what different soils, industrialisation and the history of colonisation and migration has added to the way we see and imagine rural culture.

We plan to work with villages, farmers and migrant in Noord Brabant (where Eindhoven is located), learn from a cooperation on the island of Schiermonnikoog and will connect to rural areas that are specialised in dairy farming and landscape clichés.

At this moment Noord Brabant and especially De Peel is part of much needed and radical changes in landscaping and reduction of live-stock in farming. Art institutes as Van Abbemuseum are also in transit – where can we meet and learn from each other? How to connect our ways of seeing to the institutional culture? And what about the rural undercurrents of Eindhoven? How can trans-local learning and our wider school network connect with Eindhoven?

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