Bleckwenn, Garmissen
Garmissen, Hildesheimer Börde, Northern Germany
September 2022

A new barter trade within the project I like being a farmer and would like to stay one

I like being a farmer and would like to stay one is now in its 22nd year. With Helmut Bleckwenn in Garmissen near Hildesheim, Antje has exchanged a painting for a film. The Hildesheim Börde is famous for its good soil and sugar beet cultivation. Helmut shows how he tries to keep the farm viable for the future, with a conventional and an organic track, with new crops like soya, by merging with other farms.

The film will premiere at a Long Night of Farmers' Films in Garmissen on 7 October. One of the pictures shows the bar for the Long Night of the Farmer's Films in Lemgrabe on 27 August 2022, photo Malte Kochanski.

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