Collaborative Village Play Part III: O canto da subasta (The Fish Auctioneer´s Song)
Porto do Son, Galicia
October 2022

The rural is also by the sea: celebrating and performing on the Spanish Atlantic coast

Initiated by Antje and dramaturg and curator Katalin Erdödi, with the local music group Suevia, the municipal dance group Anduriña and a long list of cooperators, see at the end of the text.
Fundación Luis Seoane (ES)

There is no fishing without a net, the net-makers of Portosín say. In collaboration with fishermen and women, those who sell fish and those who lay out the carpets of flowers on festive days, the Village Play of Porto do Son is created and performed. Together we address the challenges of maritime life, stressing the interdependency of many professions connected to the sea. Who will do physical work in the future? How do we pass on skills and knowledge that are not taught in schools? What does it mean to be independent and free - something many of our collaborators appreciate in the work at sea — and what do we use this freedom for?

The Village Play kicks off with a musical parade led by the local band Suevia from the centre of Porto do Son to the port, where we transform the fish auction hall into our temporary stage. New choreographies created by the dance group Anduriña take their inspiration from everyday movements of the work at sea. Scenography and props are contributed by the net-makers: Chus creates a large-scale, decorative fishing net from recycled material, while Rosa invents a headdress to be worn by Alicia, our master of ceremonies. Instead of prices, the former fish auctioneer José Francisco sings statistics that talk about changes experienced in the past years, from the consequences of overfishing to rising gasoline prices. The fisherman Rogelio shows off his skills in rapid typing on a mobile phone — it is not by coincidence that he is a popular influencer, who shares regular updates on social media about his daily work. Mari Lista’s shout, a warning against olas malas (dangerous waves) resounds across the hall, reminding us about the risks and perils of seafaring life.
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Parade and performance: October 15, 2022

With Banda de Música Tradicional Suevia, Grupo Municipal de Danza Anduriña, María Carmen Carabel Ferreiro, Vicente Colomer, Mari Lista, Suso Lista, Alicia Martínez Maneiro, María Jesús Otero González, Rosa Pardo, José Francisco Quintáns Queiruga, PePe Romero, Rogelio Santos Queiruga, Manuela Triñanes Calo, José Manuel Tomé, Rosa Isabel Rodríguez Vidal, José Manuel Vázquez Lijó and many more
With the help of Suso do Ansioso, Isaac Caciño, Silvia Longueira Castro, Jesús Ramón Longueira Suárez, Alexandra Mena Álvarez, Ginocha da Monada, Juan Pouso, Emilio Queiruga Santamaría, Sofía Tarela, Association of Fishermen of Porto do Son, Maritime Museum and City Council of Porto do Son
Artistic collaboration: Manuel Olveira (writer, curator of the exhibition), Vicente Colomer (choreographer, leader of dance group Anduriña), PePe Romero (musician, leader of music group Suevia), Tono Mejuto (film)

Supported by Allianz Kulturstiftung and Fundación Luis Seoane, La Coruña

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