Collaborative Village Play Parts II and III
Porto do Son, Galicia, and Bostelwiebeck, Niedersachsen
May 2022

The Watermelon Republic handed over to new contexts

Myvillages initiator is Antje Schiffers, together with the curator and dramaturg Katalin Erdödi.

In 2021, this long-term project started with a collaboration with people from the Hungarian village Nagykamarás. Part I was named Watermelon Republic

This year, two parallel Village Plays are developed in Porto do Son and Bostelwiebeck, both making use of the network and shared knowledge of the first play, but translating it to new contexts. Together with Village Play Shaping Committees in both places we find out about locally relevant questions. There seems to be a focus on intergenerational relations: How to pass on knowledge linked to land and sea, knowledge that has always been shared orally, like fishing and repairing fishing nets? What are old and future ways of passing on responsibility for a farm, a place, an economy? But also: How to deal with conflict in the community, for example, when big economic players step in?

The working title of our 3-year performative project is Rural Productive Forces.
In cooperation with Jahrmarkttheater in Bostelwiebeck, and Manuel Olveira in Porto do Son.
Supported by Allianz Kulturstiftung.