Fufu Bowls
Ekumfi Ekrawfo, Ghana Central Region
September 2015

Adapting the Asian technique of coiling a bowl out of bamboo

Susanne Altmann
Robert Sobotta
Caroline Everlove Tetteh

Everlove wanted to provide work in the village, above all for young women; we wanted a new product for the International Village Shop. We jointly considered resources and abilities and got stuck at bamboo, bamboo, which grows behind the fields of the village in a cathedral-like manner.
From bamboo, it is possible to make houses and fences, lamps and armchairs, bicycles and bowls. The committee of Ekumfi Ekrawfo wanted bowls: bowls from which it is possible to eat fufu. They were supposed to be dark brown or black, just like the ceramic bowls known up to now, which break quite easily; dark brown or black, these are the colours that whet the appetite for fufu. We sat with the committee in the courtyard of the palace where Everlove lives with some of her relatives, and found instruction videos on the Internet that taught us the Asian technique of coiling a bowl.

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