Sallai János, Kovács Orsolya, Sárosdi Róbert and Judit
Nagykamarás, Szekszárd, Körösszegapáti (HU)
September 2017

Three barter trades with Hungarian farmers

Katalin Erdödi
Dér Asia

Ludwig Múzeum Budapest

Sallai János is a small scale watermelon producer. He gave his film a strong and touching political focus.

Kovács Orsolya gives a rare insight into goose farming and women´s entrepreneurship.

Sárosdi Róbert and Judit are winemakers. Their film shows an extended family harvest, as well as the big role of hospitality and marketing in their business.

The films were edited by Dér Asia.

Screening tour and exhibition in Ludwig Múzeum Budapest

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