Vössing, Neuranft
Oderbruch, Brandenburg (DE)
May 2018

Jennifer Vössing
Ulrich Vössing
Filmfest Eberswalde: Kenneth Anders, Lars Fischer, Sascha Leske
Editing: Martin König
Oderbruchmuseum Altranft
Provinziale - Filmfest Eberswalde

Jenni and Ulrich chose small scale farming as their way of living and bought a modest farm with fertile grounds. They farm with horses. They use multi-purpose farming equipment produced by the Amish.
They are equiped for slaughtering poultry on the farm, they breed sheep and grow vegetables.

It is expensive for them to pay for being organically certified, so they don´t.
Jenni made a poetic film about their life choices. The wish for a cultural and political change in how we produce and consume is not outspoken, but made clear through action and example.

I made a painting of their farm at the end of April, when the cherry and pear trees where blooming. It was the glorious beginning of a year of draught. Many people came and invited me to paint their flowering trees as well.

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