The artists Kathrin Böhm (Höfen), Wapke Feenstra (Wjelsryp) and Antje Schiffers (Heiligendorf) started working as each going back to her village of origin in order to initiate a village-specific art project there. The projects are ongoing.

Kathrin Böhm - Höfen, DE

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Höfer Waren (Höfer Goods)
A collaborative project between Höfen’s women and artist Kathrin Böhm who is also a woman from Höfen.
Höfer Goods is a new product series which started in 2005 and is rooted in stories, materials and skills that are particular to the village. Villages have always been a place of intensive production, from agriculture to meat and dairy production, gardening, fruit and vegetable processing etc. Today the meaning of agriculture and associated products have declined dramatically, but the village remains a rich resource for numerous materials, craft and labour skills and creative thinking.

Wapke Feenstra - Wjelsryp, NL

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"In the autumn of 2002 I started a correspondence with Beart Oosterhaven, a villager who was contemplating the landscape that is so familiar to me; the landscape around Wjelsryp. We wrote each other for three weeks and he came up with eight wonderful poems. Dealing with the facts and emotions that a landscape gives us stucks me. The use of land in and around my village and the ways this shapes and shaped the culture has my interest."

Antje Schiffers - Heiligendorf, DE

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Antje Schiffers has started a project for her village Heiligendorf in 2000, called "I like being a farmer and would like to stay one" where she asks various farmers to make a video about themselves in return for a painting she did of their farms. The videos and paintings were shown in public in Heiligendorf as part of the village's 850th anniversary celebration in May 2003, this being the launch of

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