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Antje Schiffers is an artist based in Berlin. She is one of the founding members of myvillages.org and grew up in Heiligendorf, a village close to Wolfsburg in northern Germany. In 2005 she started working in cooperation with Thomas Sprenger, now running a kind of family business.
Farming worldwide
24 April 2013


In December 2012 we were invited to present the project in Chongqing, China.


Frozen Game
23 April 2013


Every year for my birthday on the 5th of January Heiligendorf presents it's concessionary game, the hare. Later in winter there is beef added.


Farming in Europe
20 November 2012


The red onions of Zalla


Exhibition in Güenes

I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one started in Heiligendorf in the year 2000. 5 films and paintings were made in Heiligendorf and it's neighbouring villages and were shown at the Kunstverein Wolfsburg.
Since then the project expanded quite a bit. Until now we have a collection of almost 30 films, made in Germany, in the Netherlands, in Wales and in England, in Switzerland, in Romania and Macedonia, in the Spanish Basque Country.


Farmers' Choice
06 July 2008


Discussing the films


The jury's barbecue


Thomas Rosinsky and Ulrich Lücke


For the exhibition Village People at Kunstverein Wolfsburg a jury of farmers from Heiligendorf chose one out of eight movies from last year’s part of I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one.

From the statement of the jury:
All of the eight films appear to be interesting as a representation of the difficulties of farming seen from the point of view of a family. The Jury finally chose the film made by the Redder family from Balkbrug in the Netherlands. It shows a dairy farm of a common size in which production follows contemporary standards; a farm that will probably be operated by the next generation of the family.

Members of the jury that met on May 1st were Ulrich Lücke, Edith Lücke, Johannes Schulte-Eickhoff and Thomas Rosinsky, all from Heiligendorf.

The film and the painting of the Redder farm can be seen in an installation at the exhibition Village People at Wolfsburg Kunstverein from July 11th until September 7th (www.kunstverein-wolfsburg.de). On July 15th and July 17th the Bibliobox will be shown in the villages of Hehlingen and Wendschott.


"I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one" goes international
15 May 2007


Kronlechner, Oppenberg, Austria

In 2007 we started the 3 year project I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one. In the end it will include bartering with farmers in Austria, Holland, England, Switzerland, Germany, Romania, Italy. We already worked in Austria and Holland in spring and summer of 2007. The outcome of the Austrian travel was shown in the Vienna Secession, the dutch part could be seen in KNSTSPR in Hardenberg.

A connection to the beginning of the project was made by my uncle Ulrich Lücke, one of the farmers from Heiligendorf, who came to the opening in the Vienna Secession, being abroad for the second time in his life. He seemed to like it and became friends with Josef Kreitmayer from Lower Austria complimenting him for his film about potato cultivation.

More information:
ichbingernebauer.eu and within this website.


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