Rural School of Economics goes Kassel and Umland
(05 June 2022)

The Rural School of Economics started in and around Kassel in summer 2021 and is part of Composting Knowledge Network/Lumbung documenta fifteen.

We are using drawing as a low-tech and mobile form to notice, note and share knowledge that is connected to land, perception and use. Drawing classes in Kassel are announced via LumbungdotSpace, our permanent Drawing Room on the top floor at Hafenstaße 76 and via the newsletter.


The Collaborative Village Play in Porto do Son and Bostelwiebeck
(26 September 2022)

In a long cooperative process with a hundred contributors, two new Village Plays were created: Alte Bäume werfen Schatten (Old Trees Cast Shadow), and O canto da subasta (The Fish Auctioneer´s Song), the later to be performed and celebrated in Porto do Son, Galicia on October 15th.

We released a new project website: Village Play


Lumbung Edition "Rural Life in Hamar"
(30 September 2022)
An autobiographical booklet on the ecological and cultural challenges in Hamar in Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia. Drought, climate change, war in the region and local traditions: Bazo Morfa writes about land use practices, social structures and gender equality issues. His friend Gele Hailu, who works in the Myvillages studio, made illustrations of daily local culture and practices from his own memory.
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"... their pastoral way of life is not conducive to the ownership rule."