Farming in Hungary
Budapest, Nagykamarás, Szekszárd, Körösszegapáti
January 2018

The long term project "I like being a farmer and I would like to stay one" with new barter trades, paintings, films, village film premieres and an exhibition in Ludwig Múzeum Budapest

In cooperation with the curator Katalin Erdődi, Antje spent some hot summer and golden september weeks in eastern and southern Hungary. While she did her best as a plein air painter, three farmers produced new films about their farming practice.

Sallai János is a small scale watermelon producer. He gave his film a strong and touching political focus.
Kovács Orsolya gives a rare insight into goose farming and women´s entrepreneurship.
Sárosdi Róbert and Judit are winemakers. Their film shows an extended family harvest, as well as the big role of hospitality and marketing in their business.

In winter, Katalin and Antje went on a screening tour with the freshly edited films, with discussions and Long Nights of Farmers´Films in the well-kept cultural houses of Nagykamarás, Szekszárd and Körösszegapáti. The hungarian project along with the whole archive of 18 years of I like being a farmer was exhibited in Ludwig Múzeum Budapest as part of the show Common Affairs.

The films were edited by Dér Asia.