The International Villlage Shop doesn’t exist as a single shop, but through an expanding network of temporary and semi-permanent trading places. The products for the shop come from a wide range of sources and contributors, and are linked to the places where the shop takes place. They have a strong local narrative and identity, and are mostly developed collaboratively. The product development is rooted in stories, materials and skills that are particular to the village. The shop trades the products across cultural and language borders. Together with the products short film documentaries about their background are made.

The International Village Shop was set up as a joint initiativeby Myvillages, public works, Grizedale Arts and Somewhere. The idea derives from a residency by Myvillages at Grizedale Arts in 2007.
The shop has its own website:

Myvillages has been running the shop
at Intermedia Madrid
at Kunstverein Pforzheim
in Alt Gatow
at TENT in Rotteram
at Kartause Ittingen
at Jerwood Space
in Ohne
in Langenthal
at the Royal Academy in London (together with public works)
during Campo Adentro in Madrid
in Santiago de Chile
in Leeuwarden
in Höfen
in Boxberg
in Neuenkirchen
at Kultivator
at Tate Britain
at Lawson Park (together with Grizedale Arts)
in Nordhorn
in San Francisco
in Berlin
and in Fanas.

International Village Shop
Leipzig, Torino, Moscow, Zvizzhi ...
March 2015

Trade Show Shop
Eastside Projects, Birmingham
December 2013

International Village Shop at Intermediae in Madrid
Matadero Madrid ES
February 2011

International Village Shop in exhibition Das Dorf
December 2010

Sales at Late at Tate
December 2010

Höfer Waren 2010
Höfen, Upper Frankonia, Germany
October 2010

Höfer Goods - 2008
Höfen, Upper Frankonia (Ger)
October 2008

Village Kiosk at NAI
Rotterdam (NL)
April 2008

Village Shop for
Online and on site at various locations
January 2008

Höfer Goods - 2007
Höfen, Upper Frankonia (Ger)
October 2007