International Village Show
(04 September 2015)

February 2015 until December 2016
Höfen - Ballykinler - Brezoi - Vlassenbroek - Deer Trail - Rûnom Ljouwert - Ekumfi-Ekrawfo - Grafschaft Bentheim - Hinojosa del Valle - Cuevas del Becerro - Zvizzchi - Yang Deng

The redesigned Gartenhaus of Leipzig’s Museum for Contemporary Art is the one place from where to follow what’s going on in all the villages. Currently featuring 'Farmers and Ranchers' from Colorado (US) and Fryslan (NL) and the 'Eco Nomadic School' in Brezoi (RO).


Company Drinks
(20 September 2015)

Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks became a Community Drinks Company earlier this year with the name 'Company Drinks'.

Our full range of beverages will be available this autumn at Frieze Art Fair London and at the 2015 Serpentine 'Transformation' Marathon - alongside the 'fresh from the press' Company book, published by Jap Sam Books.

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Myvillages exhibitions this autumn
(24 September 2015)

'Grow it Yourself' at PAV, Turino

'Primary Sector', a new farmer's film by Antje and Thomas and other work, MUSAC, León

'International Village Shop' with the latest goods from Zwizzchi, Bogorodskoe Gallery (Галерея Богородское), 6th Moscow Biennial, Mosow