Foodscape - Arts Maebashi Japan
(20 October 2016)
Rice, eggplants, round pears and red beans, the farmers in Gunma do their daily work on the foot of the vulcano. Wapke made with a new commisioned photo and text-work about the time consuming land-use of six local growers.

Foodscape - Arts Maebashi: 21 October 2016 till 17 January 2017.

Also two older works are part of the Foodscape show; Moving Landscape (2009-11) and Farmers and Ranchers (2012-15).


Celebration and Convention
(21 October 2016)
To celebrate and launch the book and the final episode of International Village Show, we are inviting friends and colleagues to join us for a two day event at the GfZK in Leipzig on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2016.

Expect a beautiful new book designed by Kristina Brusa, a massive Dorfladen in the existing museum shop, new goods from Friesland, drinks at the bar and of course a day of sharing and discussing "where does art go?".


International Village Show Book
(12 January 2017)
Our new International Village Show book is out now - it can be ordered at - and many Koenig shops are stocking it on their main table.

Enjoy the read!